By Mark Kenyon

This past year I hunted with a Bear Anarchy bow, and I enjoyed some great success with it. I ended being a big fan of that rig (full review here) and because of that great experience, I came into 2013 with high expectations for the new lineup from Bear. After getting to shoot a few of the new bows at the recent ATA show, I don’t think I’m going to be disappointed

New for 2013 from Bear are the Motive 6, Motive 7, Empire, Method and Domain bows. And continuing the trend of recent years, these bows are getting some of the highest praise of any 2013 bows from the archery community.

While at the ATA show, I had the opportuntiy to shoot two of these bows myself – the Motive 6 and the Empire. So lets take a look at those two, while also running through the specs on the others.

Motive 6 + 7:

The Motive is the new flagship dual cam bow from Bear, and it’s a bow that looks to be able to stand right up there with any rig on the market. While shooting the Motive at ATA, I noticed a couple things. First off, it’s a very comfortable and light bow to handle. The next thing that struck me was the draw cycle. The Motive also had a very nice smooth draw – albeit a little more aggressive than my Anarchy. From there I had a solid back stop, and upon release the arrow took off with little vibration or sound. It was one smooth shooter, but also really stinking fast.

A big difference between this bow and my old Anarchy was that the Motive 6 is a burner, with 350 fps speed! The key to this speed is a new “synchronized hybrid cam system” with the H13 cams. Another nice feature are new adjustable offset string suppressors. The Motive 6 is a 32″ ATA bow, with a 6″ brace height. On the other hand the Motive 7 has identical features, except with a 7″ brace height allowing for a slightly more forgiving bow. Both of these bows require no bow press or modules to adjust draw length which is a great perk as well.

 Empire: The Empire is the second bow I shot, and this is Bear’s new top end single cam bow. The rep I spoke with at the booth described this bow as very similar to the Bear Anarchy but on steroids. The bow itself is a little different than the Anarchy, especially the 32″ ATA length on this rig versus the 35.25″ on the Anarchy. But I can confirm that the feel of the bow is very similar. By that I mean that this is a very, very smooth drawing bow – which was one of my favorite things about the Anarchy. Pulling back the Empire is a very fluid process, and you can settle into your shooting position very easily. I’m a big fan of this in a bow, and with a 7 inch brace height, it looks like the Empire will be a very forgiving shooter as well. 

Method: Coming in at the next tier price point of $649, the Method is a very fast shooting, high performing dual cam bow at a reasonable price. With a 33″ axle to axle length, and 6.75″ brace height this seems to be a pretty forgiving set-up to go along with the screaming 340 fps speeds.

Domain: Coming in at a similar price tier, at $599 the Domain is the single cam option for the more price sensitive. The Domain has a 33″ ATA, 7″ brace height, and 322 FPS speeds, all in a bow weighing just 4 lbs.

The new bows from Bear definitely look like strong contenders for 2013 and if they perform anything like my Anarchy did last year, I know they’ll make a lot of hunters happy this coming fall!

For a more in-depth look at the new bows from Bear for 2013, check out the video below or visit .