By Mark Kenyon

With hunting seasons closing across the country, the attention of many deer hunters is quickly turning to shed hunting – me included! I’ve been out working with my dog Booner, doing some training to get ready for shed season. But while I’ve been out getting ready to find sheds, our pals Ross and Pete have already been out picking them up!

Just in the past few days, our teammembers out in Iowa have been collecting a serious pile of bone – and it’s still January! I believe the shed count so far is 9 total sheds for Ross and his wife, and another couple for Pete! I’ve been getting text message pictures endlessly over the past few days, and I can’t help but want to move to Iowa a little more with every new picture! Haha. Luckily though, I’ll be heading out to the Land of Giants in about a month. Hopefully these guys will leave a few on the ground for me and Booner! To whet your shed hunting appetite, here are a few of the sheds found so far.

If you’re looking for a little more to help quenching your shed hunting thirst, check out the first episode of our 2012 web video series in which we recap our shed hunting efforts in the winter/spring of 2012!