By Mark Kenyon

Reconyx, being one of the most high end, top tier trail camera manufacturers on the market, has developed a strong following in the hunting community. That said, over the past couple years Reconyx has not released a new camera, rather focusing on their current strong offerings. Finally though, the fans have something new to cheer about as Reconyx this year is releasing the brand new “UltraFire”.

The UltraFire looks to be another winner for Reconyx, as it brings to the table some top of line the specs. This camera features the ability to capture full 1080P video at 30 frames per second, along with 24 bit enhanced stereo audio. The camera also has an HDMI output, so you can connect directly to your HD TV to watch back footage. Additionaly the Ultrafire has a 2.4″ display, allowing you to watch back footage or pictures right on the camera itself as well.

Another interesting differentiator for this camera is the use of two different lenses – one for daylight and one for nighttime. The daylight lens is optimized for the absolute greatest quality image in lighted situations, while the nighttime lens was designed to not need an “infrared cut filter”. This means there are no moving parts in the lens which leads to greater reliability and totally silent operation.

Other trademarks of Reconyx cameras are back with the Ultrafire, such as the less than 1 second trigger speed and the ultra high def images in 3, 5 and 8 megapixel options.

With all this said, it certainly looks like Reconyx has built another surefire winner. The camera retails for $599, and if you can afford it, this seems to be about as good a trailcam as you can get.

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