By Mark Kenyon

One of the new items I was most excited to see at this year’s ATA show was the Wicked Tree Gear “Wicked Tough Pole Saw”. After the release of the Wicked Tough Handsaw a couple years ago, almost every hunter I know that had one (including me) had been clamoring for a pole saw version. The hand saw truly, and I’m not exaggerating here, blew out all other tools I’d used to trim trees/branches (full review here). That said, I’ve been really chomping at the bit, patiently waiting for a pole saw that could live up to the standards that the Wicked hand saw set. And now, finally, it’s here.

The Wicked Tough Pole Saw features the same “Wicked Sharp Impulse” hardened high carbon steel blade as that on the hand saw, except this blade has a more curved shape. This design helps put more downward force on the blade when making cuts. Assuming the blade performs just like the hand saw blade did, this is going to be one sturdy, dependable blade. My hand saw cut through branches and small trees like butter, and no matter what I did I couldn’t break it.

Again, similar to the hand saw, the head of the pole saw is made from super tough cast aluminum. Unique to the pole saw though is a new hinge system which allows the head of the saw to fold down, helping the retracted saw be more compact. This hinge system supposedly uses heavy duty hardware and a rubber compression pad to eliminate movement of the saw head when in use.

Most importantly, this is a telecoping pole saw! That means the saw can retract down to a portable carrying size and then be extended for use cutting limbs. The telescoping design of the saw seems very similar to that of the legs on a tripod such as what I have on my Manfrotto. Again, this looks to be heavy duty and not like the flimsy plastic clips on my old retractable pole saw which have broken several times now. The Wicked Tough Pole Saw comes in two sizes, a 6′ and 12′ version. When retracted the smaller version goes down to 19″, and the larger measures 32″.

Overall this looks like an awesome product, and it’s an item that has garnered almost hands down praise from all that have seen it. I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these this year, as I know it will be put to good use prepping for the 2013 season!

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