By  Mark Kenyon

It’s safe to say that I’ve reviewed many a hunting DVD here on Wired To Hunt over the past few years. Most of them are rife with big bucks and dead deer on the ground, but few have taught me anything other than what not to say on film after killing a deer. It’s a whole different story though with a recent DVD production from the Quality Deer Management Association. This DVD, Aging and Scoring Bucks on the Hoof, is one of best educational video’s available for hunters today and if you don’t already have a copy, I recommend you get your hands on one.

As an avid hunter in today’s whitetail world, two measurements of common interest are age of whitetails and antler score. Not only are these interesting measurements, but they are also important to the implementation of management initiatives on properties as hunter’s strive to make proper decisions regarding what deer should be taken each year. Up to this point there have been plenty of written resources around how to estimate age and score on live deer, but almost nothing has been put into video form. That is until today!

Aging & Scoring Bucks on the Hoof is the best resource I have seen yet to quickly and interestingly illustrate to people how to properly estimate age and score. That said, the video is about 30 minutes long and  is comprised of three sections.

The video is first introduced by discussing the importance of being able to estimate age and score, and then quickly moves into a discussion of age representative characteristics for deer of different age classes. Kip Adams, QDMA Director of Education of Outreach, walks through a series of videos featuring bucks of different ages while discussing the various identifiers that indicate said age. Body characteristics such as leg length, chest appearance, and tarsal staining are all discussed.

After walking through all of the major age brackets, the focus is next turned to estimating a buck’s antler score on the hoof. A detailed explanation of how to score a buck’s antlers is first discussed, and then tips for making measurement estimates from afar are examined. All in all, some very helpful tips and some nice benchmarks are provided as well that should help most of us with our estimates.

Lastly, we’re given a little bit of a test to wrap up the video. This last segment features video of bucks of all ages and sizes, and the viewer is given 10 seconds to estimate the age and antler score. Once that 10 seconds is up, the actual age/score is discussed and explained.

Overall, the information shared in this DVD is top notch and super valuable to any deer hunter and manager. Easy to understand, interesting to watch, and crucial to undestand – the message and materials presented in “Aging & Scoring Bucks On The Hoof” are a must see for any avid deer hunter today.

So how can you get your hands on this DVD? You’ve got two options…

First, you can buy the DVD directly from for $19.85. Or secondly, and the better deal in my opinion, you can become a member of the QDMA and you’ll receive the DVD as part of your welcome package (that’s in addition to your 1 year subscription to Quality Whitetails and much more)!

Whichever way you go about picking up “Aging & Scoring Bucks on the Hoof”, I think you’ll find it to be a great addition to your whitetail hunting and managing resources for years to come.