By Mark Kenyon

When it comes to bowhunting for mature whitetails, the devil is in the details.Every single piece of the puzzle becomes critical in the pursuit of that one trophy buck. Stand placement, scent control, archery accuracy and functional equipment, etc, etc. The list goes on and on. That said, when it comes to my equipment I like to know I can depend on it NOT to be a piece of the puzzle that goes wrong. This is especially true when it comes to my bow and archery equipment. One new piece of my archery gear for me this past season was the Trophy Ridge Beacon quiver, and I can confirm now that the Beacon was not a puzzle piece that I had to complain about.

In short, the Trophy Ridge Beacon fit the mold perfectly for what I’m looking for in an archery accessory.  I want something dependable, rugged, and functional. The Beacon met all of these criteria and had a few surprises to boot.

A quiver isn’t a terribly sexy piece of hunting gear, and it’s one that we don’t think too much about. It just needs to hold arrows dependably, and not screw anything else up in the process. That said, dependability is a big part of a quivers job description and the Beacon held up it’s end of the bargain. This is a three arrow quiver, and arrows are easily and quietly locked into the rubber arrow slots. The quiver itself is made using Trophy Ridge’s co-polymer ballistix material, which is super light and exceptionally strong. It made for a quiver that I didn’t need to worry about when it banged against trees or branches. In addition to that, other quiver basics such as an easy detachment mechanism and a hanging loop on top of the quiver were included. Check, check and check. If I had to offer one word of warning though, it would be in regards to the “quick detach lever”. This mechanism works really well for easily removing the quiver and then securing it again. But, the lever is metallic, so if you don’t properly lock the lever down it can make a bit of noise if you shake the bow about. As long as you properly lock the lever down this is not a problem, but it is something to be aware of.

Now, all the aformentioned qualities are important, but not neccesarily ground breaking. What the Beacon does include that’s really unique though is LED lights. There are two sets of LEDs included, one that shines inside the hood of the quiver and one set that is on top of the quiver. The inside lights illuminate the hood so that you can easily insert the arrows, making sure you don’t knock an expandable broadhead open or anything along those lines. The lights on top of the quiver act as a really handy flashlight that you’ll always have with you. These outer lights came in handy when I was pulling my bow up into the tree or letting it down, as the lights could help me see limbs that might catch the bow. It also came in handy a couple times when I forgot my flashlight for the morning hike into my stands!

In summary, after a full season of use I can comfortably attest that the Beacon is everything I need in a quiver and a little more! It’s dependable, lightweight and sturdy. Essentially it’s the kind of accessory that you just forget is there, because it never causes a problem. But as an added bonus, it also comes in handy with it’s embedded LED lights. That said, the Trophy Ridge Beacon quiver was a great addition to my archery equipment this past year, and I’d definitely recommend to anyone in the market for a new quiver of their own.

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