By Mark Kenyon

UPDATE 2/18/13: This buck has now been confirmed as the #2 hunter-taken Non-Typical of all time! More details via the link below …

Indiana’s 305 7/8″ “Beck Buck” Comes In As #2 Hunter-Taken Non-Typical Of All Time

Rumors of new world record whitetails seem to pop up about as often as pimples on an awkward teenagers face, and not often do they come to be anything more than rumors. But word of a more legit world record contender is floating around the interwebs today and semi-confirmation of this on the Boone & Crockett Club Facebook page makes me think there could be some legitimacy to this one! Supposedly, and this is unconfirmed, the buck could potentially score 309 7/8″ !

Below are a few quotes from the Boone & Crockett Club on their Facebook page.We’ll get you more updates as we learn more!

“This just in! We’re waiting to see the score chart on a large non-typical whitetail that was scored last week. Our preliminary information indicates it is potentially the largest hunter-taken whitetail ever harvested.”

“Update on the potential NT whitetail record. We’ve received the score sheet on the big Indiana buck, and are now waiting to receive a video that was shot to aid in the scoring-review process. NT scoring can be complicated, so we need to make absolutely sure that the buck was scored correctly before making any kind of announcement. To give it a sense of scale, both brow tines exceed 13″ on the entry score chart.”

Boone and Crockett Club Facebook Page