By Mark Kenyon

I certainly hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day and that you came out of it with a few brownie points from your significant other too. Why? Because you’ll shortly be needing those brownie points, as it’s just about time to hit the woods for some serious off-season work. Next weekend will be my first serious shed hunting trip of the year (Boone is pretty excited to go sniff out some bone!), and soon after that we’ll be getting to work scouting, and improving habitat. As we always discuss, it’s a true year round season for us hardcore whitetail hunters! That said, I hope you’re staying busy, staying warm and keeping up to date on all things whitetails!

To help with that last piece  we’ve got a selection of great whitetail blog posts from across the web today for your reading pleasure. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

The Anatomy of a Bowhunter – The physical and mental aspects of being a bowhunter are inspected, and ways to improve in these areas are discussed as well.

Wisconsin Governor Earmarks $2 Million Dollars for Deer Management – Big Buck Zone: The Governor of Wisconsin seems to be putting into effect a number of the recommendations from Dr James Kroll’s management review last year. Hopefully some positive steps for the state of Wisconsin!

February Scouting for November Success – Growing Deer TV Blog: Dr. Grant Woods details some thoughts on how scouting now can help you down the road as we prepare for the 2013 hunting season.

Venison Neck Irish Stew – Food For Hunters: A very tasty looking recipe for a cut of meat that may not be common place on many of our tables.

Death Dealt Does Part 2 – Whitetails Inc: Our friends over at Whitetails Inc are putting down more does in their newest webisode and it’s got me feeling hungry. As seen in the link just above!

What Is The Best Caliber For Deer Hunting – Deer & Deer Hunting: The age old question of hat the best caliber is for deer is revisited by Dan Schmidt.

As a bonus, I also wanted to share a really neat video from our friends at Trophy Ridge. Do you ever feel like you live two lives? One filled with concrete, cell phones and email? The other, quiet, fufilling and wild. I certainly walk this line between the two and the video below really speaks to this dual identity and the freedom of the wild life … Wouldn’t we all like to “Bury our soul in the idea of a life lived outdoors” ?