By Mark Kenyon

Snow, snow, go away. Come again some other day (or not at all).

That’s the story of my week and weekend. I was supposed to be heading to Illinois to shed hunt and scout this weekend – but the current snow storm has thrown a wrench in our plans and it looks like I’ll be waiting til we good a good snow melt before I head down. I’m definitely bummed and my shed hunting dog Booner is seriously depressed, but I suppose it’s a lesson in patience. Instead of my original plans it looks like I’ll be heading to the Michigan Deer & Turkey Expo and maybe doing a little bit of habitat improvement on my farm as well.

For the rest of you who might also be snowed in, we’ve got some great whitetail blog posts from across the web for your reading pleasure. So enjoy, have a great weekend and stay wired!

Hunting Is Changing, For The Better – Bowhunting Wild Food: A great article from W2H contributor Chris Eberhart, in which he discusses the recent trends in the hunting and non-hunting worlds that are leading to a renaissance of hunting and eating wild game.

Are You Creating A Doe Factory? – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: Jeff Sturgis explores the possibility of your property becoming a “Doe factory”, and the possible negative results of this.

Turning Shed Antlers Into Skinning-Shed Bucks – It’s shed hunting season, and in this article Matt Ross explores how you can turn those sheds you found into valuable information that can help you have hunting success in the fall.

How Does Wild Game Stack Up? – Food for Hunters: Here’s an interesting chart created by the folks at Food for Hunters which compares wild game to other domestic meats and looks at protein, fat content, calories and cholesterol. Spoiler alert – wild game wins!

How To Properly “Skull” Your Next Deer – Skulling: Here’s a site I was recently turn on to, in which the art of “skulling” or euro mounting your deer skull is discussed and explained in detail. A great resource if you’re looking to create your own mount!