By Mark Kenyon

The 2013 season and preparations are well under way for us here at Wired To Hunt, but being the sucker I am for the past, I’ve continued to go back and watch some of our 2012 videos to relive the excitement we had this past season. For those of you who don’t know, during the fall of 2012, myself and a handful of other hunters on the Wired To Hunt team filmed our hunts to share with the Wired To Hunt Nation throughout the season.

We ended up putting together 8 episodes, documenting everything from our pre-season preparations, to our rut hunting excitement, all the way into the late season final haul. Through it all, we had some incredible experiences, killed a lot of deer, and had a ton of fun. We’ve recieved a lot of great feedback from folks on the episodes, and I think people really enjoyed what we put together. That said, if you weren’t able to keep up with our series during the hunting season, I’d encourage you to check out the videos now! The Wired To Hunt 2012 web video series should be the perfect thing to get you pumped up for 2013!

I’ve embedded each video below for your viewing pleasure!

Episode #1 – The Preseason

Episode #2 – Final Preparations

Episode #3 – Open Season

Episode #4 – The October Lull

Episode #5 – Michigan Heartbreak

Episode #6 – An Iowa Dream

Episode #7 – The Highs and Lows of Hunting

Episode #8 – Seasons End