By Mark Kenyon

Welcome to March! Just saying March, in my opinion, makes me feel significantly closer to leaving the doldrums of winter behind. Despite the carpet of snow and icy winds blowing past my window, I’m still optimistic that the end is in sight. But as I’m still in a bit of hibernation mode, I’ve been taking it upon myself to catch up on some good hunting reading. Most recently I’ve finished reading “Hunting Trophy Whitetails In The Real World” by Don Higgins, and “Meat Eater” by Steven Rinella. Both are terrific books, and I’ll be putting together reviews for them shortly. If you too are looking for some last minute hibernation reading, I’d highly recommend the books mentioned above, as well as the great hunting blog posts included below! Happy Friday and thank goodness it’s March!

How Sequestration Could Impact Your Hunting and Fishing: National Wildlife Refuge Closures  – Outdoor Life: With the upcoming mandatory spending cuts across the board for the federal government, there are fears about what this could mean for our hunting and fishing opportunities.

3 Good Reasons You Should Know Steven Rinella – Rustic Man: If you’re not familiar with Steven Rinella, it’s time to open your eyes. As I referenced above, Rinella is a tremendous author and a television host, and his works have been seen everywhere from the Sportsman Channel, to Outside Magazine, to the Travel Channel. He’s a terrific representative for our hunting community, and he has a powerful message for all of us. If you need more convincing, check out this piece on the Rustic Man blog.

How to Read and Interpret Topographic Maps – Sole Adventure: Topo maps are a very powerful tool when it comes to hunting almost any big game, and whitetails are no different. Here’s a great recap on the basics of reading topo maps.

Frost Seeding Clover Food Plots: Easy Off Season Project  – Growing Deer TV: Frost seeding clover is an easy and cost effective way to get a clover plot going, details from Dr. Grant Woods’ Growing Deer TV blog!

Cultipackers for Food Plots – Speaking of food plots, an important tool (which I regretfully have neglected to use) to consider is the cultipacker. Details on how and why you should be using one are featured today on

Lifestyle Changes for Bowhunting Success: To become the ultimate predator, you must optimize all facets of your life. Mental, physical  behavioral. This article speaks to some of those changes needed to optimize bowhunting success!