By Cody Altizer

Late last summer I shared a “photo-blog” post with some of my favorite photographs and images from the 2012 off season.  Well, it’s late winter (my least favorite time of year, mind you) and I thought I would share some of my favorite photos from this past fall, the 2012 hunting season.

I’m very blessed in that I get to travel quite a bit to film other’s hunts and to hunt myself.  Regardless, the constant with each and every new adventure is that I always have my camera in hand.  This past fall, on top of hunting like a mad man here in Virginia, I was very fortunate to go to Wyoming to film a mule deer hunt, as well as New Mexico for elk.  In between it all, I also squeezed in a little time to hunt West-Central Illinois myself.  And, while this was a very, very slow year for putting my hands on antlers, I was still able to see some awesome scenery and capture some beautiful images.

So for this week’s post, I’m just going to share with you my favorite photos from this past fall, hoping that putting together this blog will get me that much closer to spring and food plots, and you to your next hunting adventure.  Enjoy!

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