By Mark Kenyon

Today we’ve got a quick deer hunting tale from Wired To Hunt reader Dustin Gillepsie, who had some great early rut success at the end of October last season. Congrats Dustin on a great  buck! – MK

“It was Oct. 27th and the movement around our area in Southeastern Indiana was heating up and lining up perfectly for a great November rut. Little did I know that I would be fortunate enough that I would not need to wait until the fabled month of November!

My morning was slow, but there was enough sign to instill the confidence for a good 5-6 hour sit starting at about 1 that afternoon. I was in my climber ( I prefer those; mobility, less pressure, and comfort last, but not least! ). The tree I climbed was about 30 yards from a drop off to a creek. The movement was slow, as I mentioned, that day in general with only two deer seen that entire day. But as luck would have it, one of those was the right deer.

It was about 5:45 and I used the can call since I had not made any noise all day. After that I grunted a couple times, maybe three.

I looked across the creek and could see down on the flat a buck going through. He was about 100 yards away and not really coming to me, just moving along the edge of the creek. Once he moved out of sight I looked to my left and bam he was coming right at me at 30 yards. He veered towards the edge of the embankment and was going to cut across the steep bank because it is nearly impossible to do it vertically. However, in the midst of these milliseconds (it goes that fast it seems) I had my bow and drew when his head was going behind a tree. I stopped him perfectly and waited for him to come into my peep sight and pin view. Then I released!

He was 25 yards so I used my 20 yard pin and aimed a fuzz higher than if it was actually twenty. The arrow hit the spot but it popped out so I thought I hit front shoulder, or did it hit the off shoulder to make it bounce out ? I watched him run off for as long as I could, as I did not want to lose him if it was a shoulder hit. But he ended up only running 40 yards and then tipped over in the creek itself (which was dry and leaf covered). Luckily, my shot was even better than I thought, and I had center punched the heart and killed a great buck. It was incredible.”