By Ryan Eyberg of White Knuckle Productions

In my opinion, the best products on earth come from the people who use them as a means to make their living.  Enter Arborwear….”The Original Tree Climbers’ Gear”.  When the company was started they initially began making pants and expanded their product development in to other “hard working” clothes. Lucky for us, these hard working clothes turned out to be not just great for professional tree climbers and trimmers, but also for hunters!

Let’s be honest, when we are hunting, looking for sheds, trimming out stands or just enjoying the outdoors, comfort and durability are two requirements that top the list; good looks are a bonus. Arborwear’s Arbenter Canvas Pants fit the description to a “T”.  The “Arbenter” pant is a play on words for carpenter pant which are geared more towards the woodsman.  The company makes several clothing items that are as tough as the people that abuse them.  Their current line-up includes but is not limited to outerwear, shirts, shorts, and sweatshirts.  Aside from their ridiculously tough and comfortable pants, their single and double thick sweatshirts are a remarkable product as well, but I will save those for a later review.

The Arborwear Arbenter Canvas pants will make you want to leave all of your other pants folded away in hopes that the moths will finish them off.  So, what could possibly be so great about a pair of pants?  The Arbenter Canvas pants are some serious threads.  Made from 12.5oz ringspun cotton canvas, these single front pants are prepared to take anything you are willing to put them through. When you hear ringspun cotton, you might think, “Big deal, sounds like another marketing ploy.”  In reality, it is a big deal because ringspun cotton is the difference between riding around in your 1972 Datsun 620 or a Stealth Bomber.  So what is ringspun cotton?  Just like all other cotton fibers, ringspun cotton fibers come from a seedpod and are twisted together to make yarn. This yarn is then woven together to make material (in this case, canvas). This is where the similarities stop. The yarn of ringspun cotton is continuously twisted and thinned to make very fine rope.  The result is a very strong and durable material that is extremely soft to the touch.  Aside from wearing a pair of silk pants, I don’t think there is a pair of pants that have a softer more comfortable feel. In case you are wondering, I don’t own any silk pants, but I did have a few silk shirts in the 90’s!  My point is these pants are comfortable enough to where on a daily basis and in fact several guys on the White Knuckle Productions Team do so.

In regards to the ounce rating given to the cotton used in the pants, you might have wondered what does that really mean?  Basically, it is the amount that one square yard of a material weighs on average.  In the instance of the Arborwear pants, one square yard of the cotton canvas weighs 12.5oz.  Since the cotton is ringspun it will actually weigh more per yard because it is more dense per strand of yarn.  All fabric is prewashed before being assembled and then washed again after assembly for what Arborwaer describes as “an unparelled fit and feel.”  The 12.5oz ringspun cotton canvas is 100% cotton and is their heaviest weave.

If the devil is in the detail then these paints are as evil as they come.  Some of those details are the Rugged Gusset™ crotch and double-layered heels (or mudflaps as they are known in the business).  The Rugged Gusset™ crotch (seen above) makes climbing trees or crossing fences a breeze; no more getting your goods pinched by your pants.  The double thick mudflaps are thick and very resistant to premature destruction.  The Rugged Gusset™ crotch and double layer mudflaps would be pointless if they weren’t securely stitched to the rest of the pants.  All Arborwear pants are industrial stitched, doubled and crossed in high stress areas so that they don’t fall victim to premature failure.  Arborwear also uses YKK zippers.  For any of you that aren’t zipper aficionados, YKK has been manufacturing zippers since 1934 and is the world’s largest zipper manufacturer.  The YKK zipper company produces all of the components of their zippers….they even manufacture the machines that make their zippers!

The technical aspects of these paints are nothing short of amazing, but there are several other features that were very well thought out as well.  For instance, let’s say you really like a hammer loop but don’t like the fact that it is always sticking out; problem solved because these pants have a hideaway hammer loop that can be put away when not in use.  There are also four utility pockets that can hold anything from a Wicked Handsaw to a flashlight.  The belt loops will also accept a 1.75 inch belt easily, which makes packing around a concealed weapon a breeze.  One more cool thing is a doubled up swatch of fabric located where you would typically clip on your favorite pocket knife or tape measurer.

So, how does this relate to whitetails? Out of the entire season chasing these animals I’m only in camo two months out of the year. Shed hunting, trimming out tree stands, planting food plots, the list goes on and on. Deer hunting is a year round activity, and during all the months I’m not actually in the tree hunting, these tough work pants are the perfect fit for the tasks I need to get done. And honestly, I even hunt in these during the early season on occasion when the leafs are still in the tree! In my opinion, the Arbenter’s are truly the perfect pair of work pants. From walking through thorns bushes, checking trail cameras, and even doing chores for the wife, I could stay in these pants all day long. Just don’t track mud in the house.

All that said, one would be hard pressed to find a more comfortable yet extremely durable pant that is chalked full of technical aspects that are applicable to the off season work of a whitetail hunter. Don’t be surprised if these pants are kicking your butt out of bed in the morning telling you its time to get up and do work!

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