By Dallas Fort Worth

I think about deer hunting every day, it’s almost scary.  The amount of time I spend on Bing Maps looking for the perfect stand location and access points is ridiculous.  Shed hunting season isn’t even over yet and I am already planning for the upcoming 2013 season. That said, it’s funny how shed hunting can sometimes become scouting and planning for the next season.

The 15th of March was one of the best shed hunting days I have ever had and that was with only 3 sheds, the largest match set I have ever found and my third largest single side ever. The next day was a different story. I didn’t find any sheds, but, I did find a pinch point while walking that looks so good I got aroused.  I will be thinking about this particular location every day until it’s time to hunt it in the fall.

What makes this location so special? There is a creek that runs in between two tall ridges; this creek has steep banks with thick vegetation on both sides making it difficult for deer to cross.  About 5 years ago this property was logged leaving one point in the creek where the dozer could cross, making a perfect crossing for the deer. There are three major trails that all intersect at this crossing coming and going from different bedding areas. I have a really good feeling about this spot.

So what’s the next step?

Other than getting a Lone Wolf in the perfect location, when it gets a little closer to the actual season, I plan on hanging a Special Ops Code Black Covert trail camera at the crossing. This will allow me to see everything that is crossing the creek. This particular camera has the ability to send pictures directly to your e-mail address or cell phone with a sim card and a simple cell phone plan ($40-$50). This allows me to observe without disturbing the area. When the time is right I will move in for the kill… or, not even waste my time hunting there.

This brings up my next point. Trail cameras are awesome! In my opinion, my trail cameras are one of the most important tools I use to not only scout but pattern the deer I am after. If I want to go out and just kill a deer I’ll sit on a field edge and shoot a doe. Like most, I want to go out and kill the biggest most mature buck possible, and that goal will never be accomplished if I am in an area with no mature deer. Time is always an issue, why waste it in a dead area. This is where trail cameras play a huge part. They are my eyes and tell me a story of what is happening 24 hours a day.

Long story short, if I’m not seeing any activity through my cameras in an area I won’t be hunting there. I no longer just hunt, I have a list of target bucks that I put together at the beginning of every season and trail cameras allow me to do that.  Find ’em, hunt ’em, and try to kill them. If there are no shooters I move on.

If you don’t have a trail camera, let me suggest a Covert. High quality pictures, great trigger speeds, and most importantly, a camera for every budget ( .  I will keep you posted on how this location pans out and the deer that are in this area. Let’s call this “Project Creek Cross”.

– Dallas Ft. Worth