By Mark Kenyon

How many times have you seen an article or book promising “the key to deer hunting success” or “the secret to killing big bucks” or something else along those lines? I’m sure you’ve seen something similar almost every time you’ve opened up a deer hunting magazine, or browsed the web of hunting blogs and sites. I certainly have seen a boatload of these types of promises, and I’ve even been guilty of writing articles that pledge the same thing.

But I’m here today to tell you that these articles and promises are built on a lie. They are a fallacy. They are bull.

Sort of.

What I’m saying is this. All of these articles may very well have great points, and I’m sure many of them can lead to success (and I certainly am not attacking anyone for using these types of titles or ideas in articles, as I’ve certainly done the same myself). But that said, I want you to take these articles and promises with a grain of salt, even those here on Wired To Hunt. We all need to remember one simple thing.

There is no one “key to success” for deer hunting. There is no single “secret to killing big bucks”. There is no absolute right way. There is no absolute wrong way. There are no rules set in stone. There just aren’t.

I know of guys that have killed droves of big bucks, but never pay attention to the wind. I know people who obsess over wind direction and thermals, and swear that you must too. I know folks that only hunt during the rut. I know hunters who claim that the early season is your best chance to kill a mature buck. Others promise that the late season is your best option. One big buck killer will only hunt in bedding areas. Another with equally as many bucks under their belt might never even consider going inside a bedding area. I might only hunt timber. You might only hunt swamps. One gal will hunt over food plots. Another might only hunt crop fields. A third might swear by only hunting funnels, and forgetting about food sources altogether.

The point is this. There are many, many different ways to kill deer and to kill big bucks. Hunt early, hunt the rut, hunt late, hunt high in a tree, hunt low on the ground, hunt using carbon suits, hunt in jeans, hunt with a bow, hunt with a gun. The various ways to enjoy success hunting deer are endless.

There is no single key. There is no secret. There is no right way. No wrong way.

The only actual key may be this…

Keep an open mind, and take in as many of these different deer hunting ideas as you can. Try them out, test the theories, experiment with new ideas and find out what works for you.

There is no right way. There is no wrong way. In the end, there is just the way that works best for you.

– Mark Kenyon

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