By Mark Kenyon

Exciting times lately for your resident author here at Wired To Hunt. I’ve just returned from a week long trip to Nevada and Utah, where I took care of a little business and then also backpacked in Zion National Park! Upon my return I quickly moved on to the equally exciting chores of picking up my 2012 buck mount and then buying a new shotgun for hunting turkeys!

All that said though, my mind is definitely still on whitetails and the work soon to be done. In the coming weeks it will be time to spray food plots, clear paths to stands, finish trimming shooting lanes and the list goes on and on. Hopefully you’ll be outside this weekend either chasing turkeys, prepping for whitetails, or otherwise enjoying some other aspect of the great outdoors! If you’re stuck inside though, be sure to check out the great deer hunting blog posts we’ve linked below! Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Deer Scouting Tips: Identify Fruit Trees Now – Big Buck Zone: A reminder that spring is a great time to scout for isolated fruit trees on your hunting properties. They can be dynamite hunting locations come fall!

For Best Deer Habitat Management Planning, Soil Testing Is The First Important Step – Deer & Deer Hunting: Don Higgins discusses why soil tests are so important if you’re looking to plant food plots and manage your whitetail habitat.

Missouri: Picked-Up Rack Scores 270-Plus! – Mike Hanback’s Big Deer: An absolute GIANT dead head found in Missouri. How would you like to walk up on this!?

No Easy Answers to America’s Suburban Deer Conundrum – DeerLand: The over population of deer in suburban areas is discussed, as well as the possible solutions and challenges for this problem.

Red Oaks are Important in Deer Nutrition – The importance of tree diversity and specifically Red Oaks is discussed in context of whitetails. Helpful knowledge for those looking to improve your hunting properties.