By Mark Kenyon

As many of you long time readers already know, we here at Wired To Hunt are big fans of the work that our friends at Heartland Bowhunter TV do. When it comes to telling the story of a hunting season and showing it in a beautiful way, there is no other video production that can match what they do. And as always, they’ve again put together an incredible trailer previewing whats to come in their newest season. Do yourself a favor and check out their video below. I promise, you won’t be able to watch it without being in awe of video they’ve captured of the wonderful creatures we chase and the gorgeous locales we explore. Once you’ve watched the trailer, read on for a quick Q&A session we conducted with the co-host of Heartland Bowhunter, Shawn Luchtel, as he discusses whats to come this season!

Heartland Bowhunter | Trailer from MAMMOTH on Vimeo.

Wired To Hunt: What will viewers notice different in Season 6 compared to past seasons?
Shawn: Season 6 has the same feel as what we went for in Season 5.  However, we did all interviews on location to where the episode took place.  We felt this kept the episodes much more documentary styled.  It helps tell the story even better since everything was basically shot at the time of the episode and not in a studio.
Wired To Hunt: What did you as film makers do differently this season to improve upon what you’d produced in the past? 
Shawn: Our goal each year is to tell the story even better than we have or anyone else has in years past.  We want people to feel as if they were there for the hunt.  Our vision is for people to relate and feel like they knew exactly what happened on the hunt.  If the viewer can feel the emotion, the environment and can understand the full story of the hunt then our goal has been achieved. To achieve this, we continue to study what we have done before to better ourselves and make our style of film even better.  This ranges from basic filming techniques all the way to buying better (more expensive) equipment.  
Wired To Hunt: What was your greatest challenge this past year?

Shawn: When I speak for myself I also speak for everyone involved at Heartland Bowhunter.  Our greatest challenge  each year is finding ways to better ourselves.  We strive each day to make this show better than it was the day before.  When you throw the many different variables of the hunt in there it can be very tough to produce but that is the reason we have chosen this occupation.
Wired To Hunt: What do you think will be the “best moment” of Season 6?
Shawn: I wouldn’t say their was one “best moment” this past season.  I think the entire season was a great moment.  Being blessed to share the outdoors with my friends/family is my greatest moment each year.  If I am able to do that each year, document all of it and produce it for others to see, then that would be my greatest moment of each year no matter what single event happened.   Documenting and sharing with others is my ultimate passion.  When I get to see others enjoy watching what we have produced I am at full contentment.  

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