By Mark Kenyon

Last week I wrote an article, arguing that  there is no single “key to deer hunting success” (if you haven’t read it yet, be sure to check it out by CLICKING HERE). Despite what many of us hear on TV and in magazines or books, I don’t believe that there is any single magic tactic or strategy that will take you from zero to hero as a deer hunter. Rather, I believe that each of us lives a different reality, and we must test and try as many different deer hunting tactics until we find the right ones for our own situation and goals.

That said, I want to open the discussion up to you, the Wired To Hunt Nation. While there may not be one single solution for all deer hunting problems, I do believe that each one of us may have a key set of strategies or philosophies that lead us to success towards our deer hunting goals. That said, I want to hear from you on what those strategies are!

As I mentioned in my original article, I always encourage everyone to “keep an open mind, and take in as many different deer hunting ideas as you can. Try them out, test the theories, experiment with new ideas and find out what works for you.” So with that goal in mind, lets all share our own personal “keys to deer hunting success”, and then take the opportunity to read other people’s tactics and hopefully learn from their perspectives.

I’m so excited about seeing everyone’s different “keys to success” that I want to add a little bonus. Of those that share their thoughts, I will pick 20 people and send them a Wired To Hunt hat for FREE!

In order to be eligible for the free hat I ask only two things, make sure that you’ve signed up for the free email updates from Wired To Hunt (if you haven’t already, just enter your email address in the box in the right hand side bar, which says “Enter your email address”), and then comment on this blog post explaining what your key or keys to deer hunting success are! It’s that easy!

Like I said, by noon two days from now (4/17/13) I’ll pick 20 winners and if we get more than 20 submissions, I’ll pick the 20 that I believe best explained their keys to success.

All that said, here’s a quick recap.

To win one of the 20 FREE Wired To Hunt Hats…

– Comment on this blog explaining your own personal keys to deer hunting success

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That said, let’s hear it! What is YOUR key to deer hunting success?