By Dan Infalt

One of the greatest attributes a serious trophy whitetail hunter can have is the ability to look out side of the box. Always following everything you read in magazines or hear on TV will result in you only having success like everyone else. And everyone is not successfully killing trophy whitetails.

While hunting some public land in Necedah, Wisconsin a few years ago it dawned on me that people are more predictable than deer, and patterning the hunters is easier. After making this realization, the next step was finding and hunting deer sign where hunters didn’t go.That said, this was easier said than done in places like the Necedah Wildlife Area that gets pounded by hoards of hunters. The obvious solution was to hunt farther back than everyone else.

What I found however was that there was heavy hunting pressure from a little ways in, all the way to as far back as I could go. I knew there were big bucks there. But how were they surviving?

By looking at the parking areas and the trails heading back into the woods it became apparent that some hunters only went in a short distance, some went in a little farther, some branched off on angles, and some went way out as remote as they could. But none of them were hunting in one area, that being the area in between the parking lots near the road.

With that discovery in hand, I started scouting and hunting any good cover in between the parking lots and have not looked back since. This tactic has netted some great bucks for me.

The buck in the picture above was arrowed less than 100 yards from the road, only  10 minutes after passing on a 140 inch 10 point on public land.

Another thought to keep in mind is that once you find one of these undiscovered locations, do not tip your cards to other hunters. Park in the parking lot with everyone else, not on the side of the road, or better yet, get dropped off, and picked up.

 Take a look at this map. Hunters are not allowed to park along the road. They all park in the marked parking lot and head south. Very rarely do hunters ever head East and go thru the waist deep water and muck to get to the small wood lot. This isolated woodlot is where I would expect to find a mature buck hiding along side the road.

When hunting heavily pressured bucks, you can’t hunt like everyone else. Pattern and avoid other hunters, and always think outside of the box. Only by going to extraordinary measures, can you have extraordinary success.

Dan Infalt
The Big Buck Serial Killer