By Mark Kenyon

As deer hunters in 2013 we are blessed with more resources for learning about deer hunting and related topics than ever before. Feature length films, TV shows, DVDs, web shows, books, magazines, forums, websites, etc, etc. The amount of information out there is truly incredible, and it has allowed us hunters to literally learn more about deer hunting every day of the week. Leading the way with consistent, new deer hunting content online are blogs.

Wired To Hunt is of course a deer hunting blog (and hopefully one that you all enjoy), but in addition to what we do, there are a number of other great hunting blogs that I personally check on a consistent basis. Today I wanted to share my top 10 deer hunting blogs for 2013 (in no particular order), so read on for the low down on those top blogs. I’ve also included a number of other great blogs that get honorable mention. Mad props to everyone on these lists, as they are doing some terrific work. Lastly, I’m sure I missed plenty of other terrific blogs – so please share those links in the comments!

Big Buck Zone: Outdoor Life’s deer hunting blog is one of the most consistently updated hunting blogs out there, and it’s filled with great info on big buck stories and strategies to help you become a better hunter. I’m personally a big fan of the articles and videos  on whitetail and habitat management from Craig Doherty, of North Country Whitetails.

Whitetail 365: Scott Bestul and Dave Hurteau of Field & Stream are great friends to us here at Wired To Hunt, and they’ve been rocking out Whitetail 365 for many years now. It’s another great blog, with frequent updates on all topics whitetails and a nice dose of humor.

Growing Deer TV: In addition to the Growing Deer TV videos, Dr. Grant Woods puts together a really well done weekly blog in which he discusses various hunting and management initiatives that he’s working on throughout the year. Grant is one of the foremost experts on whitetails and he always offers great insight into this wonderful creature. is without a doubt one of the top hunting related sites out there, and their blog continues to be one of the most active and information filled resources out there. There are obviously lots of bowhunting related articles, but there is plenty of great information that’s relevant no matter what kind of weapon you use.

Brow Tines & Backstraps: My friends Tony Hansen and Will Brantley over at have put together one of the most entertaining AND informative whitetail related blogs you can find out there. Definitely one to bookmark.

Whitetail Wisdom with Dan Schmidt: Deer & Deer Hunting is without a doubt one of the great sources of information for hunters across their magazine, TV shows, and website. And their blogs are no different. My favorite of their blogs is that of Dan Schmidt’s, as he shares his many experiences, lessons learned, and opinions on all things whitetail. The website for the Quality Deer Management Association is much more than just a blog, but their articles section is consistently updated with some of the best whitetail and management related information you can find. Lindsay Thomas Jr, Kip Adams,  and many others contribute top notch articles for our reading pleasure.

Hunter Angler Gardener Cook: While not a deer hunting blog per se, HAGC is a blog that deer hunters should definitely become acquainted with. Filled with absolutely delicious venison and wild game recipes, this is a must see website for anyone looking to cook up some tasty vittles.

Mike Hanback’s Big Deer: Author and TV host Mike Hanback shares big buck stories from across the country, as well as the occasional article on deer hunting tactics. Definitely worth checking out, as he is a top notch hunter, with a lot of great ideas to share.

Sole Adventure: Wired To Hunt contributor Mark Huelsing has grown his blog, Sole Adventure, into one of the highest quality and consistent hunting blogs out there, and I’ve come to thoroughly look forward to each of his new posts.  His blog focuses on all aspects of hunting, and various species (most recently his focus has been elk, but there’s plenty worth reading for the whitetail hunter).

Honorable Mention: Outdoor Freaks, The Will To Hunt, Sitka Insight,, Bowhunting Wild Food, DeerLandFood for Hunters

Please be sure to comment with any other blogs that you believe deserve to be on this list!