By Mark Kenyon

Today I’m excited to launch a new series here on the blog and on YouTube called Wired To Hunt Weekly! Each week we’ll be launching a new video on our YouTube channel answering a read submitted question related to deer hunting. Often times I’ll take a stab at the question, but I’ll also be consulting a number of experts in the industry as well to get their opinions on questions too. So that said, be sure to check back every week to see what we have in store. To get your own question answered, visit our Facebook page and on Wednesday nights, when we ask for a reader submitted question,  post yours there!

This week, our question came from Jacob Pruiett and he asked “Why are big bucks so hard to kill?“.

That’s a great question! And in the video below, I do my best to answer it in a couple minutes. So please give our video a watch, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you can get updates on future episodes, and then if you have something else that you would add as an answer to Jacob’s question – please post it in the comments!