By Mark Kenyon

Spring is most certainly here, and summer is knocking on the door. As a whitetail hunter this means a lot of things – think food plots, archery practice, setting stands, etc. But for the avid whitetail junkie, this also means “DVD season”. It’s this time of year that most of the big hunting DVDs get released, featuring hunts from the previous season. Now – before you get all fired up – I know there are lots of complaints out there regarding hunting shows/DVDs. “The hunts on DVDs aren’t realistic”. “These guys just hunt with outfitters”. “So and so only kills these big bucks because they have lots of money”. Etc, etc, etc. I’m not going to argue these points – in some cases they might be warranted, and in others maybe not. But regardless of all of this, some people (including me) still enjoy watching big bucks on the big screen. It’s entertainment, and that’s all I view it as. So that said,  I wanted to share with you the 8 hunting DVDs that I’m buying this year, and a clear explanation of why. If you’re like me, and you’re just itching to get in the woods – these hunting videos might help you scratch that itch just a little bit.

The Great Divide – White Knuckle Productions: As many of you already know, I’ve been a big fan of the videos from White Knuckle Productions for years now. These DVDs aren’t whack em stack em flicks, with 40 kills per DVD. Instead, WKP focuses on telling a deep narrative into each hunters season. The end result is a DVD that allows viewers to feel like they’re right along with the WKP team through an entire year of deer hunting prep and hunting. This seasons DVD should be especially awesome, given the kills the team had last year. Specifically, Todd killed a buck dubbed “Barry Sanders” which he’s been documenting and hunting for several years. The result is a story like no other, and an entire second DVD  has been devoted to Todd’s journey this year. Buy this DVD if you want to follow a great story of a crew of hunters throughout an entire year.

Monster Bucks XXI Volume 1 – Realtree: The Monster Bucks DVDs are pure big buck entertainment. You’re not going to learn much from them, you’re going to see some folks on outfitted hunts, and you’re not going to get much of a story. But what you will get is a ton of big bucks. And you know what, I can appreciate that. Buy this DVD if you’re looking to see some big horns, and a lot of bucks hitting the ground.

Monter Bucks XXI Volume 2 – Realtree: Same as the DVD above, but another 40+ hunts. The Realtree guys produce a great looking video, thats jam packed with giant whitetails and a few laughs along the way too. I view these Monster Bucks DVDs as the perfect video to watch on a guys night paired with a few beers and a pizza. Buy this DVD if you bought the one above!

Whitetail Freaks 8 – Realtree: Don & Kandi Kisky of Whitetail Freaks host the Whitetail Freaks DVD – and in similar fashion as the Monster Bucks vids, this DVD features a jam packed docket of big bucks hitting the ground. Another fun one to watch if you’re just looking to see a lot of giant bucks. Buy this DVD if you’re looking to see a lot of hunts for monster Midwest whitetails.

Whitetail Madness 16 – Drury Outdoors: The Whitetail Madness DVDs from the Drury’s typically fall somewhere in between the WKP DVDs and Realtree Monster Bucks DVDs when it comes to storyline. Whitetail Madness releases usually feature some good stories, including segments featuring shed hunts, food plot prep, etc. But at the same time these DVDs always feature a lot of big buck kills too. Buy this DVD if you’re looking for big bucks, and some behind the scenes story to go along with it too.

Dream Season 16 – Drury Outdoors: Another release from the Drurys, Dream Season always features some incredible hunts from across the Midwest and elsewhere. Mark and Terry always put together an entertaining video and I’ve come to enjoy each years release. On top of all the giant whitetails, I also enjoy the occasional tips and ideas shared by the Drury Outdoors team. Buy this DVD if you’re addicted to seeing lots of big bucks, and enjoy a good tip or two every once in awhile.

100% Wild Fair Chase Volume 13 – Drury Outdoors: 100% Wild Fair Chase is the Drury’s more educational focused DVD, with different segments usually related to some type of tactic or strategy. The advice given is usually pretty high level, and interspersed between the many hunts, but it’s still nice to hear a few thoughts from a strategy perspective while enjoying a lot of great big bucks cruising across the screen. Buy this DVD if you’re looking for some high level advice on deer hunting, but mostly just want to watch some great hunting.

Whitetail Adrenaline: Ahh, the Whitetail Adrenaline DVDs. These guys kind of fly under the radar, as they only sell DVDs (aren’t on TV), and don’t work with big name sponsors or anything. But what they do is pretty darn unique. The only way I can describe the Whitetail Adrenaline DVDs is CRAZY. These guys hunt all public land and a large amount of that public land hunting is run and gun. They sneak up on big bucks on the ground like you wouldn’t believe, and they tell a hell of a story along the way. Each WA DVD I’ve seen has had me shaking my head at the crazy things they do and the big bucks they still manage to kill. On top of that, the team has a great sense of humor and there are lots of laughs to be had along the way. If you haven’t seen a WA DVD yet, you should definitely give one  a shot. Their newest release is coming out in July, and I’m sure it’ll be a good time. Buy this DVD if you’re looking to laugh a lot and be shocked by some crazy deer hunting tactics!

If there are any other DVDs you’d recommend, let us know in the comments!