By Mark Kenyon

I’m seriously getting the itch. With the warm weather, crops going in, and velvet antlers starting to grow – it’s really starting to feel like go time. Hunting season is just a few months away now, and my blood is pumping.

That said, this past week I spent some time in Illinois checking out some public land and a couple properties to potentially lease. If you have some free time this weekend, you may want to consider exploring new properties as well. One thing is for sure, you can never have too many options when it comes to hunting properties. So knock on some doors for permission, or explore that public land down the road. The extra work acquiring access now will pay off dividends this fall.

If you’re not feeling that though, you can at least catch up on some good whitetail reading. Below we’ve highlighted a handful of the best whitetail related blog posts from across the web. So read on, enjoy and stay wired to hunt!

Shoot For Quarters, Beat Buck Fever – Brow Tines & Backstraps: Will Brantley reminisces about his early days shooting a bow, and how raising the stakes helped him handle buck fever.

Spring Food Plots: Conditions for Success – Growing Deer TV Blog: Dr. Grant Woods provides an important warning, reminding us not to plant our food plots too soon if the temperatures aren’t right.

Wyoming: New State Record Buck, 170 3/8! – Mike Hanback’s Big Deer Blog: Here’s your horn porn for the day – new state record in Wyoming!

Homemade Arrow Saw – W2H contributor Aaron Farley is a handy guy, and in this article he shows us how to make a homemade arrow saw! Who needs an archery shop?

Deer Management: Are Predators Eating Your Fawns? – Big Buck Zone: An exploration of the serious impact predators are having on fawn survival – it’s not good.