By Mark Kenyon

Last year we started a popular series of posts in which we shared a photo or two of a buck that either I or a fellow reader had gotten trailcam pics of, and then let you the reader vote in a poll on whether or not you would shoot that deer if ever given a chance. A lot of folks enjoyed virtually “pulling the trigger” on these deer, so due to popular demand, we’re bringing “Shoot Or Don’t Shoot” back!

That said, today’s “Shoot or Don’t Shoot buck” hails from Southern Michigan, and he was in fact roaming one of the properties I hunt. This 9 pointer was spotted on trail camera in a couple locations from September through November, and then in November I actually had an encounter with him.

That said, if you were high in a tree last November when this buck came cruising by – what would your decision be? Shoot or don’t shoot? Be sure to let us know why in the comments section!

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