By Mark Kenyon

Happy Friday! Another week is in the rear view mirror, and deer season is slowly coming into sight. For that reason, I’m getting pretty excited and I’m betting you are too. Luckily, there’s plenty to do related to whitetails and thats been keeping me busy as of late. Last weekend I spent a good amount of time putting the finishing touches on a few stands by trimming out some final shooting lanes (ie. the photo above). This weekend the project will be planting food plot screens around my food plot locations.

If you’re looking to scratch the whitetail itch too, we’ve got just the ticket for you today. Below you’ll find a bunch of great articles from across the web detailing all sorts of interesting insights into the world of whitetails. So read on, have a great weekend, and stay wired to hunt!

Peak Week for Whitetails – Big Buck Zone: Craig Dougherty explains how you may have more deer on your property now than at any other point of the year. Why is this? The effects that predation and other risks have on whitetail mortality.

Summer Deer Antlers – Mike Hanback’s Big Deer: Mike Hanback shares a couple interesting facts about whitetail antlers during the summer.

Low Impact Deer Hunting: Hide Your Preseason Prep – Big Buck Zone: Here are a few helpful tips regarding ways to be low pressure when setting up your hunting locations this year

Big Bucks Starting To Show Velvet Antlers – Deer & Deer Hunting: Charles Alsheimer is documenting the antler growth of a mature buck he’s been photographing, and this ~150 class buck is well on his way!

What to do when you find a white-tailed fawn – Growing Deer TV Blog: Dr. Grant Woods provides an important reminder regarding how we should act when coming across a lone fawn at this time of year.

When Bucks Don’t Shed Their Velvet – Speaking of velvet antlers during the summer, what happens when bucks don’t shed that velvet in the fall? Joe Hamilton, founder of the QDMA, shares the answer.