By Mark Kenyon

One of my favorite things about summer is the opportunity to see big velvet bucks roaming the farm fields. What I like seeing even more is big velvet bucks roaming farm fields on properties I have permission to hunt! Lucky for me, last night I got to see just that, for the first time this year.

On one of my best properties I happened to catch a whole bunch of deer coming out to feed last night, surprisingly in a young corn field, rather than a bean field. Included in this group of deer were four bucks, with two that were definitely mature and sure to be shooters this fall.

As luck would have it, everything that could possibly go wrong did as I tried to film these deer. After getting about 12 seconds of footage on my main camera, the battery died. I quickly then switched to trying to film on my cell phone with my spotting scope. Almost immediately the phone ran out of storage and froze up. After this I was stuck watching the deer through my scope, frustrated by not being able to get footage, but thrilled to see these bucks none-the-less.

That said, while still early in the growing season, it was easy to see that these two bucks are going to be good ones this fall. One of the bucks was a main frame 10 pointer with about 1 inch stickers coming off the front of each brow tine – making him a 12. Additionally it looks like he has the beginning of a sticker point on his left G2 as well. Looks like he could be a real stud.

The other nice buck looks like he’ll be a big 8 pointer, and has very long brow tines already. One of those brows has a kicker point coming off the back which looks pretty cool too.

Interestingly, I’m about 90% sure that I filmed these same two bucks together last summer in the same field on June 22nd. I don’t think I saw either one during the hunting season last year, but hopefully I’ll have more close encounters in 2013 and will get to know these guys a little better!

That all said, it’s the beginning of a really exciting time of year, where big bucks begin to emerge, and dreams begin to take shape. I hope you’ll be able to get out and start spotting the monster bucks in your area soon. And if you’ve never taken time to drive/hike around and scout fields in the summer for velvet bucks, I’d highly encourage you to give it a shot. It’s a lot of fun and you can learn a lot of about the deer in your area as well.

Have you been seeing any good velvet bucks yet? How about trailcam pics? If so, please post a pic on our Wired To Hunt Facebook page. We’d love to see them!