Oh, Fred Bear, walk with me down the trails again. Take me back, back where I belong. Oh, Fred Bear, I’m glad to have you at my side, my friend. And I’ll join you in the big hunt before too long … ” – Ted Nugent, from the song Fred Bear

As a young man growing up, Ted Nugent’s song, Fred Bear, became an anthem of sorts for me during hunting season. Each morning and evening while getting ready to head into the woods, I would sing along with the Motor City Madman as he regaled the spirit of the wild, the big hunt, and the moment of truth when “the buck was mine forevermore”. At that time though, I had no idea that the man the song was written about was much more important than the song itself.

As I looked more into Fred Bear over the years, I discovered that he was truly one of the forefathers of our bowhunting way of life. That said, the more I learn about him, the more thankful I am for his contributions to our sport and to our way of life. For that reason, I am very excited about the upcoming special premiering on The Sportsman Channel this week, “Fred Bear – The Father of Bowhunting.”

On June 21st at 7 PM ET, The Sportsman Channel will feature this one hour documentary of Bear, featuring never before seen footage, interviews and highlights from Fred Bear’s life and career. According to the information released so far, “This special will have interviews from Realtree’s Bill Jordan and David Blanton; former employee and Ripcord Arrow Rest Marketing Manager Don Dvoroznak ; Whitetail Properties’ Dan Perez; Bear President Jack Bowman; Major League Bowhunter’s Jeff Danker and current Bear employees Dan Massimillo and Neil Byce. Through their stories and recollections they talk about their time with Fred and explain why and how he meant so much to the company, but also to the sport of bowhunting. Viewers will get a chance to see historic film footage, never-before-seen photos and untold stories about the legendary Fred Bear.”

As one who lives the bowhunting life, my appreciation and admiration for what Fred Bear did for our industry and way of lives is deep and true. As Fred Bear once said, “if you’re not working to protect hunting, then you’re working to destroy it.” We’re fortunate that Fred did much to protect hunting, and because of it we all live in a world where bowhunting is accepted, and experienced by many.

I know I’ll be tuned in on the 21st to see this special, and if you’re interested as well just check out the Sportsman Channel on June 21 at 7 ET. Should be great!

Here’s a quick video teaser for the special …

More information can be found at this link … http://www.archerywire.com/releases/291234/