By Mark Kenyon

Happy Friday! I have good news – we are almost into just double digit days left until hunting season here in Michigan! My countdown clock shows 101 days until the big hunt begins, and those days will quickly drop away. That said, there’s no time to waste getting ready for the season. Below we’ve got six great whitetail related blog posts from across the web – in which you’ll learn more about what deer eat, how to eat deer, how to shoot deer, and how deer grow! Sounds pretty interesting, right?

Enjoy the blogs below and have a great weekend enjoying the outdoors. And of course, stay wired to hunt!

Deer Hunting: Soft Mast Progress Report – Big Buck Zone: It’s important to have a strong understanding of food sources on and around the properties you hunt, that said soft mast is always one of those important food sources if present. In this article Craig Dougherty shares a few updates on how mast production has been so far, and a few thoughts on soft mast for deer.

Do Longer Brace Heights Make Bows More Forgiving? – Whitetail 365: My friends at Field & Stream explore the popularly held belief that longer brace heights on bows improve forgiveness. Spoiler alert: They’re claiming it’s a myth!

Whitetail Antler Growth is Speeding Up – Deer & Deer Hunting: Charles Alsheimer continues his series of documenting the antler growth of one mature buck. Check out how this beautiful deer is progressing so far!

Venison Un-Kabobs – Food for Hunters: A tasty venison recipe for kabobs – without the skewer.

Bear Motive 6 Review – Brow Tines & Backstrap: My pal Will Brantley review the Bear Motive 6 and had some pretty good things to say about it. Look for our review this summer too!

Momentum Beats Speed for Lethal Arrow Hits – An important reminder about the importance of kinetic energy and momentum for arrows when trying to achieve a lethal hit on a deer or other big game.