By Aaron Farley:

This is the time of the year when hunters start suffering from withdrawals. Nothing is in season during summer except for a few non-native varmint species, and I’m starting to feel the deer hunting itch. There are several ways I attempt to medicate my addiction this time of year.

3D archery shoots are a great way to exercise my hunting muscles and camping trips help me to stay connected with that wilderness loving side of my soul. But probably my favorite quick fix this time of year is to take in some great hunting DVD’s like the ones mentioned in this post from the W2H archives (click here to see 8 Deer Hunting DVDs Worth Buying In 2013).

My favorite kind of hunting DVD’s are not the ones that show guys killing 200+ inch deer repeatedly, they’re the ones that show more of the guys behind the hunt. Two of my favorites right now are Whitetail Adrenaline’s “Re-Group” and Huntography’s “#DEERTOUR2”. I find myself getting lost in the show and losing track of time whenever I click play. When two hours have past, and I’m trying to get my dried eyes to re-focus from staring at the TV for so long, I can’t help but wonder why?

It is all about the story. When I watch these kind of DVDs, I place myself in the woods with those guys. The relationship they have reminds me of my own buddies and the messes we get into.

When their truck brakes down at 2 am while hunting out-of-state, I get it. I’ve been there. When one guy shoots a less than mature deer, and his buddies rag him about it, I understand. We do that too. When one of the guys in the video crests an arrow over a hill to make a long shot, and freaks out, I freak out with him. I wish I could be there to high-five him. I think it really boils down to what I will call The Camouflage Brotherhood, that unique bond that comes from being in the oldest form of social club – the hunting party.

Reliable and capable hunting partners are a valuable commodity. A strong friendship is forged when men work together to pursue game. Hunting parties may literally be the oldest form of alliance and friendship. As long as men have carried spears and killed meat, hunting buddies have been a fabric of their society. While the setting has changed, modern hunting partnerships are no exception.

One of the best places to be in this world, is on a hunting trip with the guys. We look forward to a few strategically placed days all year long. That time when we gather to share in the early mornings, exaggerated stories, wins and losses of deer hunting. Somebody will probably be teased, there may even be some pranks, but at the end of the day these are our brothers. They are the first to respond, the last to leave, and the only ones you really want around in a pinch.

What is even more impressive about The Camouflage Brotherhood is how far it reaches. When we bump into another camo clad customer at Walmart during a mid-day supplies run, we know we’ve met a brother. We don’t know his story, but we know he is one of us. Starting a conversation is easy, usually gracious, as it should be among allies.

Whether we hunt with a bow or rifle, feeders or dogs, in high-end camo or in red flannel and blue jeans, on private ranches or public lots, we are brothers. I for one, look forward to getting the family back together this fall. In the meantime, turn up that DVD.

– Aaron Farley,