By Mark Kenyon:

The Challenge. That’s a big part of why we hunt whitetails, isn’t it? The work we have to put in, the time we invest, the failures we have along the way. If it weren’t for these frequent bumps (or canyons in some cases) we have along the way, I’d venture to say that success would not be as sweet, nor the taste of venison be as succulent.

It is this idea, this struggle, this challenge that is the basis of a terrific short film I  recently ran across, created by Matt White and Dustin Lutt of Rockhouse Motion. This film, “The Challenge”, showcases Matt’s brother Nick White and his quest for whitetails with traditional archery equipment. It is a compelling, inspirational and beautiful view of a whitetail hunter’s season and struggles, and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.I thought many of you would too.

That said, if you’re looking for your whitetail fix today, let me suggest you check out this short film. I’ve embedded the video below, so give it a watch, let us know what you think, and if you’re like me – you’ll be itching even more for hunting season to open up! Happy Wednesday folks!