By Mark Kenyon:

As the popular lyric by Luke Bryan goes, “Rain makes corn.” Over the past few weeks though, I’ve also found that “Rain make egyptian wheat”! As  some of you may remember  earlier this summer I planted egyptian wheat and sorghum around several of my food plots, almost as a fence, to provide additional cover for deer feeding in these areas. Since then, the “food plot screens” have taken off (for the most part), and I’ve already got waist high cover in some areas. While the “screens” have been growing like weeds, so have the weeds! That said, I’ve spent a couple evenings this past week spraying the rest of my plot acreage to knock down competing vegetation. Hopefully this will put me in a good position to work up the ground and plant in early to mid August.

In addition to summer food plot preparation, I’m also using these muggy hot days to stay caught up on my whitetail reading! And if you’re doing the same thing, you’re in luck today. Below we have a selection of whitetail related blog posts from across the web that are sure to make for some great weekend reading. So kick back, relax and enjoy!

Look Your Dinner In The Eye – W2H contributor discusses why he chooses to look his dinner in the eye and explores the topic of  taking responsibility for your own food. It’s a terrific post, and it summed up well in this quote from Aaron…”We understand that for life to continue, death is required. If we are to eat meat and live, we must kill it first. If I pluck fruit from the vine, it immediately begins to die. All of creation points to this truth – life demands death.”

Tom Taylor’s Wisconsin Bow Giant (226 4/8 Net) – Mike Hanback’s Big Deer: Just in case you needed a little “buck porn”, here’s your fix. A giant Wisconsin buck!

Peak Period for Buck Antler Growth – Deer & Deer Hunting: Charles Alsheimer provides an update on antler growth in his area, as well as a photo of a buck he’s been keeping tabs on.

How To Improve Bow Shooting Accuracy – A slew of helpful tips to help you continue to improve your archery accuracy.

Quick and Easy Venison Marinade – Another great post from W2H contributor Aaron Farley in which he shares a darn good looking venison marinade recipe. Yum.

Planning – Whitetails Inc: Our friends at Whitetails Inc have released a new webisode that is definitely worth a watch this weekend! My pal Dallas Fort Worth gets to work prepping his properties for the upcoming season, and as usual, he certainly entertains along the way.