By Mark Kenyon:

In a new article today on Wired To Hunt Don Higgins, one of the premiere whitetail hunters and writers in the Midwest,  profiled what most “big buck serial killers” have in common (click here to read that post). It’s a very interesting look at the common characteristics of super successful whitetail hunters, and given that post, it only seemed right to share with you a few thoughts I had on the book he wrote which was the inspiration for that article. In this book, Real World Whitetail Icons, Don brings together insights and experiences from some of the top “real world” whitetail experts in the country. The result is a very enjoyable and incredibly insightful book for the hardcore whitetail addict, with a wide variety of content and lessons to be learned. In short, it’s well worth a read.

I first picked up this book about 6 months ago and right away I could tell this was a different kind of hunting book. It’s large (think college text book size), hard covered, and filled with glossy pages, with big photos and gorgeous illustrations of monster bucks. I was particularly a fan of the beautiful whitetail paintings by Hayden Lambson, who hails from my hometown of Grand Rapids, MI (see the image at the top of this post for an example).

Upon further inspection I found that the content of this book was just as unique. Rather than this being a book filled with just one man’s thoughts/opinions on how to kill big bucks, this book included the inputs of twelve big buck killers (thirteen including Don). Each “icon” shared some bit of their own personal hunting history, and then a selection of different key lessons or strategies that have helped to make them so successful. These “icons” include hunters such as Marc Anthony,  Gene + Barry Wensel and Adam Hays. On top of that, Don shares plenty of wisdom of his own, which as always with him, is absolutely invaluable. Don is truly one of the top big buck hunting minds out there today.

If you’re looking for a big buck book to get you through the last few months before the season, Real World Whitetail Icons is a great choice. I’d highly recommend you check it out.

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– Mark Kenyon