By Mark Kenyon:

The last few nights here in Michigan temperatures have dropped down into the low 60s, and my hunter’s blood has been boiling. Each morning, standing on the front porch listening to birds chirp, I can’t help but imagine a similar scene several months from now, but instead of at ground level, I’m now in a treestand.

The sun slowly peaks it’s head over the horizon and sunlight washes over the the scene, poking and prodding it’s way through the canopy of leaves. Squirrels begin exploring the forest floor, and frost glistens all about. And then I hear it.

Everything seems to come to a halt as that first crunch echos through the woods, I freeze, cock my head and wait. Now there it is again. And again. Now closer.

My heartbeat quickens, my palms begin to sweat, my eyes scan back and forth. And then finally, like a needle in a haystack, I see him…

Just 66 days and this masterpiece of nature’s drama will be a reality, and I can not wait.

Until then though, the preparation must continue. To lend our helping hand this week, we’ve collected six of the best whitetail related blog posts from across the web for your reading pleasure. Enjoy these articles, spend some time immersing yourself in nature this weekend, and stay wired to hunt!

What to Do When Your Summer Buck Vanishes – Big Buck Zone: As we all know, bucks eventually will drift away from their visible summer patterns as we get closer to fall. So as a hunter, what does that mean and how do we react to it?

How to Shoot a Buck on 25 Acres – Mike Hanbacks Big Deer Blog: Mike Hanback discusses strategies for killing big bucks on small pieces of property.

Protect Your Food Plots –  Brow Tines and Backstrap: A few helpful suggestions/tools for keeping small food plots in tact for the hunting season.

Hunter’s Withdrawal Therapy via Whitetail Adrenaline DVD’s – W2H contributor Aaron Farley shares one of his strategies for scratching the deer hunting itch in the off-season, and it’s one I recommend too!

How To Beat Target Panic – The age old challenge of target panic is covered ad nauseam in hunting literature, but it’s still something folks can learn lot about. Patrick Meitin’s article shares some helpful tips on beating this bad habit.

Mapping Antler Expectations – An interesting look at average antler diameter across the country. Where would you guess the biggest antlers are found?