By Mark Kenyon:

It started just like any other Sunday, but it ended much differently than any I’ve had before. My weekend ended as I sat at the kitchen counter, flipping through trail camera pictures from one of the properties I hunt in Michigan. I was already excited by a photo of a new buck on this property with a massive dagger like brow tine that was probably over 12 inches long. But my blood pressure went through the roof when I came upon this next picture.

Boom! Jaw dropped, pulse quickened, pants crapped.

Pictured in this image was a buck I’ve hunted for several years named “Leaner” in the front, you’ve probably heard me talk about him a good bit this summer. But even more exciting than that, was the buck pictured in the back. All I could see was a picket fence of tines, and I immediately knew that this was the same buck I had seen running with Leaner earlier this summer.

In June I had filmed these two bucks together on this property three different times, and I had also gotten trail camera pictures of them in June. I knew that the back buck was going to be big, but I wasn’t sure quite how big. Now I know. He’s a giant. In fact he’s the biggest deer I’ve ever captured on trailcam in Michigan!

Upon looking through the many pictures of this buck, an idea came upon me. Could this be a deer that I had filmed and photographed last year?

The buck I was thinking of was one I called “Triple Threat”, as he had a small drop tine, an inside tine and a split brow tine last year. He was an absolute stud, but I had not seen anything of him since early last fall. Now it appears he might be back.

Take a look at the photos below of Triple Threat and of this current buck and let me know what you think. While there are some differences, I think the frames match up pretty well, and several of Triple Threat’s characteristics can be seen in this buck, such as inside tines. I’m leaning toward saying that this is Triple Threat, a year older, but I’m curious to hear what your opinion is.

Either way, he’s an absolute giant of a Michigan deer, and I’m more excited than a kid in a candy store at the opportunity to hunt this buck. Needless to say, I won’t be having a lot of easy nights of sleep leading up to the October 1 archery opener here in my home state!

The Comparison – Triple Threat 2012 VS 2013 Buck

Triple Threat in 2012

2013 Buck

So what do you think? Is this Triple Threat?