By Mark Kenyon:

My 2013 “Hit List” is shaping up pretty good here in Michigan and I’m anxiously counting down the days until the hunt officially begins. But in the mean time I ironing out a few details and one of those details is the naming of any new bucks that are frequenting my hunting properties.

One of these bucks I’m trying to name is pretty unique, and I’m hoping that you the Wired To Hunt Nation can help me pick just the right name.

This deer, as you can see, has a WICKED huge, bladed brow tine. He’s a funky buck in general, and given his overall character I really feel he needs a special name.

That said, if you have a second, I could definitely use your help here. Please post your name idea for this buck in the comments section. Also, as a small token of my appreciation for your help, whoever has the name idea that I end up picking will win a Wired To Hunt hat!

Thanks in advance!