By Mark Kenyon:

31 days. That’s it! Deer season is so close I can nearly taste it. (FYI, in case you’re wondering, deer season tastes a lot like a combination of raw venison, stale coffee, doe urine and a spritz of Scent Away spray).

With that being the case, this past weekend I wrapped up my final in-field preparations for the season. I spent an entire day adjusting or re-locating trail cameras, trimming final lanes, checking on stands, and finalizing food plots. Now that the work is done, I’m staying out of the woods and letting things settle down until October. The work now will shift back home, as I’m beginning to plan out early season hunting strategies, continuing to practice with my bow, and somehow still managing to get married in a week too!

If you’re looking for a way to get an edge leading into the hunting season, I think the blog posts below should definitely help. We’ve collected some of the best whitetail blog posts from across the web this past week. So read on, have a great weekend, and get ready – hunting season is almost here! Can you taste it?

Stop a Buck in His Tracks: Plant a Buck Rub – Lee Lakosky of outdoor television fame has a simple, but effective strategy for getting bucks to come in closer to his stands for shot opportunities. Man made buck rubs. Great idea and one that I’ve heard a couple other people use successfully too.

“The Shift” of Summer to Fall Whitetail Habitat – Whitetail Habitat Solutions: It’s that time of year when bucks switch from their summer range to their fall range. Jeff Sturgis explores this change, and gives some tips on how you can relocate those deer!

Todd Pringnitz on DeerTalkNow – Deer & Deer Hunting: Our friend Todd Pringnitz of White Knuckle Productions and Wicked Tree Gear appeared on Deer & Deer Hunting’s Deer Talk Now online show recently, and had some great tips and tricks to share!

Scouting for early season hunts! -Growing Deer TV Blog: Dr. Grant Woods shares some low impact early season scouting tips.

Deer Antler Velvet: Big Bucks Are Losing It!  – Deer & Deer Hunting: Velvet is starting to come off, and Charles Alsheimer details that process and shares a few interesting nuggets of info on this time of change for whitetails.

Tried and Proven Early Season Bow Hunting Tips – 365 Whitetail: If you’re going to be hunting during the early season, these are a few important concepts to remember.

Preseason Giveaway! – W2H contributor Aaron Farley is giving away some awesome gear on his own site, You can enter to win a really nice daypack from Tenzing, broadheads from Muzzy, a knife from Havalon and much more!