By Cody Altizer:

Summer is a very interesting time of year for a deer hunter.   Obviously, it represents the months leading up to hunting season.  It means summer vacations, quality time spent with friends and family, grilling out, hot dogs, hamburgers, and hot days by the pool.

Deer hunters and managers run trail cameras, maintain and establish food plots, and practice with their weapon of choice, but aside from that, there’s not a lot for the passionate hunter to actually do.

This, of course, is by design, because I really don’t enjoy walking through the woods during the summer being bombarded by spider webs, and I enjoy even less picking ticks off me.  Furthermore, the thought of spending significant time messing around in my best spots during the summer makes my skin crawl.

So, what’s a deer hunter to do?  I know a lot of guys who set up shop down wind of their favorite bean field and glass velvet bucks.  Again, that’s fine, but not something I’d risk doing, and I’m not aware of any soybean fields within an hour of my house.

My answer is a simple one.  Photography.  I make a living as a photographer and videographer.   I’m just as passionate about photography and creating and sharing images that tell a story as I am about deer hunting and deer management.  So, I simply combine the two.

That said, as we say goodbye to summer, I’ve included in this blog 14 of my best shots from this spring and summer.  I hope you enjoy them.  If not, then consider this, after looking them over, you’re that much closer to climbing into your opening day treestand!














– Cody Altizer,