By Mark Kenyon:

With hunting seasons opening up all over the country, I figure it’s time to let our digital trigger fingers get a little action. It’s time to play “Shoot or Don’t Shoot”. Just take a look a the buck pictured below and decide, if he was in front of you during hunting season, would you shoot or not shoot? Vote in the poll below, and then share your deciding factors in the comments!

As to todays buck, this is a deer I’m actually hunting. I have dubbed this deer “Pirate”, given he’s missing an eye. I had photos of this deer last year, and now this year again I’m seeing him relatively regularly. He looks to be a 3.5 year old buck. Here in Michigan, 3.5 years old is my target age, so for me the answer is “Shoot”!

That said, I’m curious to hear what you would do. Shoot or don’t shoot?

(Note: The first pic of “Pirate” is from February this year, before he shed his 2012 antlers)




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