By Mark Kenyon:

My hunting season begins tomorrow. Yes, finally I’ll be on the hunt again. Interestingly though, for the first time ever, I’ll be heading out to hunt a hairy, antlered and hoofed animal in the fall that is not a whitetail deer! Tomorrow I begin my first elk hunt.

The excitement and anticipation is at fever pitch now, but just as intense is my desire to return back home the following week and get the whitetail season kicked off. It’s an awesome time of year, and I know that many of you are feeling the same elation as you head out into the field or are getting ready to head out soon for the first time this year as well.

As we get started hunting this year, I’d encourage everyone to remember a few things.

1. Be safe – keep that head screwed on straight

2. Shoot straight – remember to breath

3. Have a blast – this whole hunting thing is supposed to be fun, so don’t stress too much if things aren’t going your way!

That said, to help get you ready to enter the woods this weekend or next, we’ve compiled our list of the top whitetail related blog posts from across the web. Give these a read, enjoy your weekend and stay wired to hunt!

10 Things We Know About Mature Buck Movements – Matt Ross of the Quality Deer Management Association recently compiled and analyzed data from every GPS based research project he could find that was related to the movements of 2.5 – 7.5 year old bucks. This included studies that looked at resource use, home range, and daily movements, as well as those that investigated influences from age, breeding, weather, the moon and even hunting pressure. In this article, Matt highlights the top 10 things he learned about mature buck movements from these studies! Very interesting info here.

Use Your Ears! Find Mast Crops By Listening For Birds And Squirrels – Whitetail 365: Scott Bestul shares some interesting tips for locating mast crops this fall – which can be a very important early season tactic!

3 Deadly Decoying Setups for Whitetails – Big Buck Zone: A few helpful ideas for how to use a decoy at different points of the season.

September Tactic: Grunt a Buck – Mike Hanback’s Big Deer: Mike Hanback shares a few thoughts on using a grunt tube to bring in deer, and includes a helpful video demonstrating some of his favorite calls.

Realistic Practice Puts Tenderloins In The Freezer – Growing Deer TV Blog: Dr. Grant Woods shares some thoughts on the importance of practicing in conditions similar to the hunt, and fills us in on a few tips for doing so.

Choosing A Treestand – Here are a few helpful ideas for choosing the right kind of treestand for your hunting situation.

How To Deer Hunt – If you’re new to deer hunting, or know someone who is, this is an awesome new resource for you. A couple of my friends at did a great job putting together this comprehensive resource of deer hunting know-how. Check it out!

Dad, will you stay with us? | Balancing Family and the Hunt – As he so often does, W2H contributor Aaron Farley has hit on an incredibly important topic on his own blog In this piece, he discusses the need to balance his family and his passion for hunting, and the responsibility he has as a father. This should be required reading for all parents out there!