By Cody Altizer:

This time last year, I wrote a blog where I listed what I strongly believed were the most vastly overrated hunting products available.  I didn’t say those products didn’t work, I simply said they were overhyped, or that the hunters using them were misinformed about just how effective they really were.  Among those items listed were calls, scents, lures, carbon clothing, and my all time favorite pee bottles.

Shortly after that blog went live, I received an e-mail from Gary Reed from Dead Down Wind.   He wasn’t refuting any of the points I made or the content presented in the blog, but could tell based on my blog that I was a no non-sense type of hunter and writer, and should consider taking a closer look at DDW’s line of scent control products.  After all, DDW wasn’t, nor are they planning to, make a deer lure or scent.

Thanks to busy and conflicting fall schedules, Gary and I weren’t able to link up on the phone until this past January.  When we finally did, though, we spent an entire snowy afternoon with Gary on the phone as he schooled me in not only the olfactory systems of whitetails and black bears, but also the proven science behind DDW’s products.

As a hunter who considers himself very scientific in thought and practice, I was very interested in what really drives DDW’s products.  I’ve been a firm believer in not being content simply knowing that something works, but knowing HOW it works.

The difference between DDW scent control products and their competitors is that DDW relies on proven science, rather than marketing hype, to deliver performance driven results.  DDW relies on enzymatic technology to safely and naturally eliminate odors, as opposed to antimicrobials like their competitors.  Antimicrobials indiscriminately kill all bacteria, both good and bad.

Enzymes are a naturally occurring and scientifically proven catalyst for change and streamline processing in over 40 industries including odor control, detergent, and even foods, juices and medical applications.  Enzymes are natural, healthy, and safe to the skin and the environment making them a sensible and natural choice for odor control.

So, simply spray all your gear down with DDW and you’ll be invisible to a deer’s nose, correct? Obviously not, and Gary reinforced this misconception repeatedly in the many talks we’ve had recently that DDW are meant to help you maintain a zero scent environment.  Simply put, you’re not going to completely eliminate human odor, and hunting the wind correctly should be your top priority when strategizing.  But you can control your “scent print,” that is, the amount of game spooking odors that you take with you into the woods on a hunt.  Common sense scent control steps like getting dressed outside, wearing rubber boots and rubber gloves, and approaching your stand from downwind can help with these steps, but DDW’s products control and eliminate the what you cannot control with a scientific approach that’s proven more effective than other scent control companies.

After my phone call with Gary, I told him I would do a write up on the science behind DDW products and a “field review” if I truly felt they were going to help me in the field.  Unfortunately, though, I had to make Gary wait.  I wasn’t going to use these products in a real world setting until summer trail camera season, and I wasn’t about to write a puff piece about scent control in the dead of winter.  You guys wouldn’t believe it anyhow.  I wanted hard evidence.


And that’s exactly what I got.  This has been far and away been the best summer since I started running trail cameras 10 years ago.  I’ve gotten more pictures of mature bucks and black bears (the toughest nose in the woods) than ever before.  Prior to this year, the most trail camera pictures I had ever gotten of the same mature buck during the summer were 3.  So, in essence, 1 trigger sequence, and I never saw that animal again until hunting season.  This season, as you know, I’ve captured close to 60 images of Paradise City alone, as well as another 10-15 pictures of another nice 4-year-old buck.  The number of pictures I’ve gotten of 2 and 3 year old bucks is off the charts, and unfortunately (at least from a deer manager’s perspective), this has been my most active summer as far as bear pictures go as well.  The results speak for themselves. I don’t believe I wouldn’t had nearly as much success with these camera locations if my scent control regimen wasn’t working.


I should conclude this blog by saying I am literally in no way affiliated with Dead Down Wind whatsoever.  My opinions and reviews shared in this blog is 100% unbiased.  I was simply approached by their company and presented with information that will certainly make me a better hunter, and hopefully more successful this fall.  And that’s exactly what I’m doing with you guys.  The information is there as are the results.  Hopefully, over the last year you’ve learned from my writing that I’m a very result driven individual, and only use and talk about products that I feel can make you a more successful hunter.

Add DDW to that list.

– Cody Altizer,