By Dan Infalt:

I was geared up to hunt a special draw property that I drew the month of September to hunt. I was running late and was looking at my watch thinking by the time I get there, and by the time I walk the 1.25 mile hike and set up my stand its going to be pretty late. That’s when the phone vibrated.

It was Dave, he said “Dan, there are big buck tracks going into the area you like to hunt on the farm and you have the rare perfect East wind.”

I just happened to be going past Dave’s farm so I swung in and looked at the tracks. Sure enough, I know this track! It was the 8 point I had been glassing and getting on the HCO trail cam emails. I had looked at his track after capturing his picture and noticed a deformity in the track on his right front hoof.


I thought “what the heck?” and grabbed my stand and headed for the bedding area. On the way I kept seeing more and more of his track, and rubs, and poop to boot. There are actually several buck bedding areas close to each other and I was not sure which one he would be in, but my stand choice covered the best advantage. I almost set up in a tiny tree before getting to the stand site because of the amount of sign, but decided to trust my scouting.

Once set up I could hear an obvious deer walking around in the thick brush near my stand and figured he must have heard me set up, but instead of going away it came in and bedded about 15 yards from the tree in cover so thick I could not see it.

My stand was facing a swamp and there was a funnel connecting a few major bedding areas right in front of me, but sometimes one of the bedding areas skirts around the back side up against a corn field 30 yards away. About an hour into my sit I heard crashing in the corn behind me and turned to see a large doe come out of the corn and head towards me then dart into the thick cover as a 130 class buck came out of the corn following.

I grabbed my bow stood and turned, but it was too late as the buck darted into the thick stuff after the doe. But then his antlers kept getting caught and he could not get down the doe trail, so after a fight getting unstuck he turned and came back out to the opening giving me the shot I was waiting for.

The arrow appeared to hit exactly where I was aiming, but to my amazement it looked as though I got very little penetration. Th buck ran along the corn for a long way and out of sight. I saw the arrow with the lighted nock fall out after he got 30 yards.

I got right down and could not find any blood at first, but when I got to the arrow it was covered in blood and looked to get more penetration than perceived. It appeared the arrow went thru  on my side and buried into the far shoulder on the other.

dan buck 1

I started to wonder again though about the shot after getting about 200 yards down the blood trail. That is until I went around the corner and saw him laying on the ground dead. He weighed 163 lbs dressed.

Dan Infalt
The big buck serial killer