By Mark Kenyon

Today’s story comes from Wired To Hunt reader Luke Kuchenberg of Wisconsin. He didn’t waste anytime this year, as he already tagged a buck in September! Lucky for us, he was kind enough to share his story with the Wired To Hunt Nation. Huge congrats to our pal Luke! – MK

“With a welcomed cold front and the rain letting up, it was time to take a stand. A buddy and I had planted a few smaller killing plots a few weeks back and one stand in particular was on my mind.

I did not have to wait long until the action started. A mature doe came into the plot from the south just 15-20 minutes after sitting down. I was actually thinking about taking a shot on her, when something spooked her and she walked off back into the timber. Well, I wasn’t even done thinking about what might have spooked her, when I looked to the north and saw this nine point making his way to the plot. He took his time but eventually reached the edge of the small sugar beet plot. There he stood for a minute or two just surveying his surroundings.

Just when he took his first step out into the plot, a couple sand hill cranes took off and scared him back into the wood line. At this point I was thinking he may not come back out, but he then made his way into the small clearing. With a racing heart and my adrenaline coursing, I patiently took aim, told myself to follow through and made the shot.

In just a moment or two I heard him crash just 50 yards from where it all took place. This is the first buck I have ever taken in the month of September and one I will remember always.” – Luke Kuchenberg