Today’s story comes from Scott Mensing of Hallowed Ground Outdoors. HGO is a terrific show on the Sportsman Channel that features harcore hunters, beautiful film, and a faith based message. Gotta love that. Big congrats to Scott and his cameraman Bo, keep up the great work guys! – MK

By Scott Mensing

Our 2013 season began with a couple exciting calls from Joe Sir and JD Huitt with Hallowed Ground Outdoors welcoming us as new members of the team.   Bo Parker and I wanted to start off our new adventure with HGO on a high note and try to get a mature buck on the ground during the early season.  We headed down to our east-central Kansas farm for the archery opener in hopes of catching a buck on its summer pattern.

We have been managing this 80-acre farm for six years and after years of food plots and QDM, it has finally become that “special place” that hunters dream of when coming to Kansas.  During this past summer, we had a bachelor group that was on a steady pattern of beans, alfalfa, oats, bedding….every single morning at exactly the same times.  Three days prior to the archery opener, our neighbor pulled cards and confirmed the bachelor group was still running the same pattern.  Opening morning of September 16th brought with it unusually cool temperatures and high amounts of anxiety.  This was the first time walking into a setup where we felt overly confident in our chances of killing a mature buck.

The bachelor group had been typically feeding on our alfalfa plot between 5:30 and 7:00 in the morning so getting into that plot was nearly impossible and it would have been difficult to get a buck killed with good camera light.  So we decided to sit on a recently planted Buck N Oats plot that was less than 100 yards from the core bedding area.  Little did we know that as we were getting setup in the stand, the bachelor group was in the alfalfa plot on their typical pattern.  30 minutes into the 2013 season, the first, and youngest buck, entered the Buck N Oats food plot – right on time.  Shortly behind him was a buck we call Triple Crown – a four year old mainframe 10 point with kickers that we have two years of history with.  As Triple Crown stepped into my first shooting lane, we confirmed the other bucks were not within view.  And just like that, my season in Kansas was over with an 18 yard shot from a well placed Exodus.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 2.41.27 PM

 It is truly a blessing to see all of our hard work scouting and managing food plots allowed us to start the 2013 season on full speed.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 2.52.11 PM

It is a great honor of ours to be part of the HGO team.  The guys on the staff have graciously welcomed us into the family with open arms.  We are looking forward to our new endeavor with HGO and being able to share the Gospel through our hunting adventures.  Make sure to check out the 2014 season of HGO and the hunt for Triple Crown!

– Scott Mensing,

Editor’s Note: HGO also has just launched a new web series, check out their first episode here – Episode 1: Calm Before The Storm