By Mark Kenyon

Happy Friday! I know most of you are raring to get in the woods this weekend, so I’ll be brief. Below we’ve compiled some of the best whitetail blog posts from across the web this past week. If you have time, give these a read and hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two that will help you this weekend! I know I picked up a couple good pointers for sure.

That said, good luck, shoot straight and stay wired to hunt!

How to Hunt Whitetails This Weekend: Don’t Push Nocturnal Bucks  – Big Buck Zone: W2H contributor Craig Dougherty shares observations from his hunting so far, and discusses his thoughts on how we should be hunting this coming weekend.

Deer-Hunting Relativity – Whitetail 365: Dave Hurteau discusses the reality of his home hunting property, the lack of big bucks, and why that may not be such a bad thing.

Deer Hunting: Estimating A Buck’s Age – Growing Deer TV Blog: Dr. Grant Woods shares some helpful tips on accurately aging deer in the field – an important skill to have if you’re looking to pass on younger deer.

Finding Lost Deer: It’s Time For Tracking Dogs To Go National – Whitetail 365: Scott Bestul explains the value of blood tracking dogs, and why he believes they should be legal to use in all states.

5 Best Bucks of the Week – Deer & Deer Hunting: Dan Schmidt shares photos of five of the biggest bucks he’s seen killed this past week! Some giants!

Will He Be a Good One Next Year? – Some interesting insights into what to expect as a buck progresses through each new year of his life.

How To Film Your Hunting Adventures – If you’re looking to get started filming your hunts, this article has some helpful tips!