By Mark Kenyon

The team at Drury Outdoors is no stranger to big bucks, but more often than not the big deer we see killed hail from the popular big buck states of the Midwest.

Today though we’ve got a story of a giant coming from the great southern state of Georgia!

David Lindsey of Drury Outdoors, who owns a farm in the “Peach State”, headed out on the morning of September 19th and got the job done on this southern giant.

“Around 7:30 Matthew and I saw movement out front and saw we had a nice buck coming our way. He came in to about 40 yards, stopped and looked around and then up at us and I thought man it’s over. But our Mossy Oak Camo blended us into the trees so well he didn’t have a clue we were there. After a few more steps that was all she wrote. The new Rage Extreme put a hole in him so big you could almost put your fist in.
He ran about 30 yards and fell over, I had just shot my best buck ever in the south with a bow. “ – David

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