By Mark Kenyon

As is true with most skills and professions, if you want to be consistently successful at your craft (in this case, hunting mature bucks), you must never stop learning. You need to become a “student of the game”, and you must completely immerse yourself in new ideas and strategies. That said, the information available on whitetails today is incredible and expansive. So expansive, in fact, that it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer quantity of information out there. Some is great, some not so great.

For that very reason, I’ve worked incredibly hard to consistently keep learning as much as I can about whitetails, determine the best resources for new information, and then to share those lessons learned and the resources that helped me along the way with you, the Wired To Hunt Nation.

That said, I’ve recently put together what I personally believe are the Top 10 most important resources I have found yet for a whitetail addict looking to improve their craft and I now want to share with you that list!

The Top 10 Must Have Resources For The Whitetail Addict

Slightly different from what I usually share though, I’ve not featured this guide to the top resources in a regular blog post. Instead, I’ve packed this resource into a snazzy looking PDF, which you can download for free and then read anywhere you want, any time!

Featured in the “Top 10 Must Have Resources For The Whitetail Addict” are a selection of books, DVDs, magazines and websites that have greatly helped me become a better deer hunter. In addition to the list, I’ve also shared a few of my favorite things about each resource. Hopefully once you check out this list, you’ll have discovered a few new resources that you’ll be able to use to improve your own whitetail success!


So how can you get your hands on this nifty little guide? Quite easily actually!

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So next though, you may be wondering why I’m asking you to sign up for this newsletter to get our guide. Well, as some of you may have seen – a few weeks ago I resigned from my day job to focus 100% on Wired To Hunt and my other whitetail related endeavors (you can read more about that here). Given this change, I’m going to be working on a bunch of improvements for Wired To Hunt and a lot of exciting new projects. As these new projects launch,  I of course want to make sure I can share these updates with you, the Wired To Hunt Nation. This new email newsletter will help me do that! Secondly, and more importantly, I want to work harder than ever to establish personal connections and relationships with as many of you as I possibly can! I feel like it’s my job here at Wired To Hunt to teach, to entertain, and to help, and if I can help you on an individual basis – I want to be able to do that!

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Hopefully this will be a great way for me to keep sharing the best deer hunting news, stories and strategies with you all, and on top of that we’ll get to stay in touch on an even better level!

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