By Mark Kenyon

Yesterday I sat at my desk looking at the forecast over and over and over. This is a frequent obsession of mine, and I happen to be doing it again at this very moment.

I do this because whitetail activity is so incredibly impacted by weather, and therefor so are our opportunities as hunters (speaking of, make sure to check out our recent blog post on Cold Fronts if you haven’t already). With that said, yesterday while over-thinking what the upcoming weather and wind changes might mean, I thought back to some things I’d heard Mark Drury say about how he reacts to weather changes. My memory stirred, I headed over to the Drury Outdoors website and checked out their “Inner Circle” page. This page features a number of short videos they’ve recorded over the past few years, as they discuss deer observations, upcoming plans, strategies, etc.

As I scrolled through, I took a closer look at what Mark and Terry were talking about during late October last year and I ran across a video that was incredibly relevant to what was on my mind.

This video featured Mark Drury looking at on October 22nd and discussing upcoming weather patterns, and then how he uses the weather and wind forecast to plan out his hunting strategies for the coming days. I found the video to be super helpful and full of good reminders. I immediately knew I had to get this in front of the Wired To Hunt Nation.

With a quick email to the Drury Team, we were able to get this video posted to YouTube, and now I’m able to share it with you!

Be sure to give this quick video to watch, I think each and every one of you will be able to find something useful to learn from or be reminded of on this one! And now that we’re getting into the last week and a half of October, make sure you keep an eye on the upcoming weather and adjust your plans accordingly! It’s about to get real.

Big thanks to the folks at Drury Outdoors as well for being willing to share this video with the Wired To Hunt Nation! Be sure to check out the Drury Outdoors website, Facebook page and Twitter!