By Mark Kenyon

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting pretty wound up. Every day we’re getting closer to the woods exploding in activity, and the anticipation is killing me. Sign is popping up everywhere, bucks are blowing up my trail cameras, and it just seems like good things are on the way.

That said, I hope you’re ready to rock, because the pre-rut has arrived and it’s only going to get better from here. While I hope you’ll be spending some quality time in the tree this weekend, if you’re looking for a little reading in the meantime, we’ve got you covered. Check out the blog posts linked below from across the whitetail web.

Enjoy, shoot straight this weekend and stay wired to hunt!

New Rubs and Scrapes Are Popping Up Everywhere – Rut Reporters: Scott Bestul shares some updates from the North, as he fills us in on the current rutting, rubbing, scraping and chasing sign he’s seen so far.

Yep. I Shot My Wife’s Buck – Brow Tines & Backstrap: Our pal Will Brantley killed a dandy Kentucky buck out of one of his wife’s favorite stands. Here’s his story!

Moving Your Stand – A few helpful thoughts on adjusting your stand locations throughout the hunting season.

Scouting Tip: Work Outside-In to Find the Hottest Scrapes – Whitetail 365: Some good tips on how to scout for hot scrapes and how you can adjust your hunting strategy accordingly.

Luck and Hard Scouting Lead to Big Minnesota Buck – Big Buck Zone: A little big buck motivation, as the Big Buck Zone shares a story of one Minnesota hunters success!

Preserve an Unforgettable Hunt With a Great Photo – With hopefully a lot of deer hitting the ground soon, this article from W2H contributor Cody Altizer ought to come in pretty handy, as he gives some great tips on capturing harvest photos.