I always get a kick out of sharing the success stories of W2H readers. But I especially like sharing stories of folks who have implemented things they’ve learned from Wired To Hunt to help them get their deer! Today we’re sharing Kyle Loridon’s story, as he hunted in Northern Michigan, and used his new found knowledge of rainy day hunting to bag this buck! Congrats Kyle! – MK

By Kyle Loridon

It was the night hunt of October 17th. It was 48 degrees out and the wind was coming out of the NW at 0-5 mph, which was a perfect wind direction for my stand. I was hunting over a clover field up here in the UP of Michigan on my good buddy Denver Pierce’s farm.

I sat there that night for two hours and hadn’t seen a deer yet. But I knew an 8 point and a 6 point were around because I had them on my trailcam the night before. It was around 6:15pm when it started to lightly rain and I knew that this was good for deer movement since I had just read an article on Wired To Hunt about hunting in the rain earlier in the day! (Click here to read that article)

It stopped raining at 6:45 pm and not 20 minutes later I heard some deer walking to my left. I couldn’t see them from the stand because of the trees, but as they got closer, they finally stepped out into the field. The 6 point stepped out first, and this buck and my buck had been hanging around together all year so I knew I’d see the 8 point with him. As luck would have it here comes the 8 point.

I already had my bow in hand and was ready to go. He stopped behind some trees so I drew back and waited for him to take a couple more steps. He did and moved behind more trees. I was holding my bow back for at least a minute before he stepped out again and I had me a broad side shot 20 yards away.  I told myself to stay calm and stay focused. I put my pin on him and touched the trigger on my release.

I saw the arrow drill him and heard the tell tale whack! He ran back to where he came from and I could hear him crash into trees and other brush and then finally I didn’t hear anything. I knew I hit him hard and made a good shot. 20 minutes later I got down from my stand and went back to my truck to calm down. From there I waited for my buddies to arrive and we went back to my stand and followed the blood trail. He had piled up 40 yards from my stand.

up buck 4

I was thrilled to finally get my hands on him. I’ve gotten many trail cam pics of him all year and had hunted hard the past couple weeks. Most of the time I would hunt and not see any deer, but I knew one of these times I would get my chance. I stuck with it and my patience payed off.

– Kyle Loridon